Somalia: Somali community in U.S in new campaign to avoid youths join radical groups

111111Somali community in Minnesota/ archive photo

The Somali community in the United States of America has stepped up a new campaign to stop the youths from joining radical Islamist groups such as ISIS.

Members of the community living in Minnesota hold a meeting to discuss on ways to avoid the youths to be recruited by the terror groups. The largest numbers of Somalis in the U.S are living in Minnesota.


Many teenagers — unemployed and lacking money — are targeted by Islamist militant groups with religious and patriotic appeals.

Since 2008, radical groups such as al-Shabaab have targeted the region and recruited more than 20 Somali-Americans youths who left their homes and went to join the militants.

Unconfirmed number of Somali youths left for Syria last year to join the Islamic State.

Omar Jamal, one of the guests who attended the meeting said that the community is determined to avoid any teenagers to join the extremist groups.

‘’ We are doing our best to stop this young kids to be radicalized and want to monitor their steps on daily basis… I believe with close partnership on this campaign we can stop those groups to take away our boys and girls,’’ he told reporters after the meeting.

Other members of the community condemned the ‘’ harsh acts’’ that groups such as ISIS have carried out under the name of Islam. They also called for other American citizens to give hand in the new campaign.

Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) has been working closely with the community members to avoid the recruitment of the youths by the radical groups.


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