Alshabab,Boko Haram and ISIS have style cruelty modern world can,t accept this madness

Let me  give  only    few  examples their brutal treatment

1AlSHABAB  (Terror group)     Aisha Ibrahim Dhuxulow  was Somali  girl  13  years  old   killed  Monday  27.10.2008 by group of  50 men who stoned her to death in a stadium  in port Kismayo city in front of more than  1000 people  she was accused of adultery but her father and other  source said she had in fact been raped by three men and had attempted to report this rape to the Alshabab militia who were controlled Kismayo and it was this act that  resulted in her being accused of adultery and detained   imagine none of men she accused of the rape  were not arrested

13Memorial picture of Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow

2BOKO HARAM( Terror  group)

Boko haram kidnapped 276 school  girls from a school in northeast Nigeria April 2014 this caused global outrage expressed through social media (  # bring back our girls campaign) although  few girls managed to escaped during the kidnapping so far most of the school girls are still missing women and girls who have escaped Boko Haram  tell of their brutalities   treatment  sadly  the school girls experienced at hands of militants  including  force marriage  and sold into sex slavery    below  see their photoes



Women and girls from Iraqis Yazidi minority have spoken out about their experience of sexual abuse and  slavery at the hands of ISIS

A report by  amnesty international released Dec 2014 which  titled (escape from hell) said that while isis  targeted all those who stood in their way as they took  large swaths of Iraq and Syria earlier  last year  it is Yazidi people of north western Iraqis sin jar region who were subjected brutal treatment the report said this was part of a deliberate policy of ethnic cleansing

Amnesty international said the group had systematically  raped,imprisoned and physically  and emotionally tortured Yazidi women and girls forcing them in to sexually slavery and marrying them off against  their will  unfortunately many of those held as sexual slaves are children ,girls aged between 14,15 or younger ISIS  fighters  are using rape as a weapon in attacks among to war crimes and crimes against  humanity


Women and girls from Iraq's Yazidi minority have spoken out about their experiences of sexual abuse and slavery at the hands of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) fighters and supporters in a new report by Amnesty International, released Tuesday.

A displaced Yazidi Iraqi woman sits in a camp near the Tigris River, in Kurdistan’s western Dohuk province, on Aug. 13. AFP / Getty Images AHMAD AL-RUBAYE

Sowora  is totally  condemning  the above mentioned unfortunately   and painful stories which are  against  humanity  modern world  can,t accept   these  madness and  must be stopped urgently

Abdikani  Hassan

Human rights  Activist





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2 Responses to Alshabab,Boko Haram and ISIS have style cruelty modern world can,t accept this madness

  1. Juma says:

    No matter how many times you will miss our holy hands but be aware your days are number we are and were following your foot steps
    Hell Hell Hell

  2. You will pay heavy price your ill fated cheap propaganda

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