Somali women lobby for more representation


Women in Somalia say they want to see the country’s constitution clearly mentioning the full rights of women and the exact number of officials they will have in the country’s future governmental institutions.


The agenda was raised in a lengthy meeting held in the capital Mogadishu on Sunday which gathered high profile women including the chairperson of Somali National women’s Association Batuulo Sheik Ahmed Gaballe and female members form Somali parliament.

“We don’t want to be deprived off the rights we have in the country, we need to get enough female representation in the parliament, in the political parties and as well as in the regional autonomies” a statement read to the meeting on Sunday.

The women are arguing that the Garowe meeting held during Sheikh Sharif’s rule decided that women will have 30 seats in the Somali parliament, but they were given less than that representation according to the decisions taken at Garowe meeting.

Somali women members in the federal parliament told the meeting they will take the matter to parliament for more discussions and pledged they will put pressure on the government to respect and implement hard and vast rule about women’s administrative rights in the country.



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