Mother of stowaway teen says she wants to reunited with her children

 The mother of a 16 year-old Somali boy who stowedaway in a wheel well of a Hawaiian airlines flight this week called on the international community and Somalis around the world to help her meet with her son who risked himself in a bid to see mom.

Ubah Mohamed Abdullahi, the mother of the stowaway teen said that for ages she had been denied access to even talk to her son Yahya Abdi who finally managed to stowaway after he knew that his mother was still alive somewhere in Africa.

“My son was taken to the USA years ago and they then told him that his mom had died, but he recently found out that I was still alive—I am really very sorry for the danger that my son experienced to try to meet me” the mom Ubah Mohamed Abdullahi lamented in an interview with BBC Somali service while crying.

“I have been denied access to contact my three children including Yahya Abdi and they were previously told that I was dead, but Yahya recently found out that I was still alive in Africa—I request the Somali people and international community to help me reunited with my children” the mom said.

She explained that the name of her children’s father was Abdirahman Yusuf Abdi, but he later changed his name to Abdulli when he went to the USA.

The mother was speaking to BBC Somali service via phone from a refugee camp in Ethiopia.



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